Thursday, September 19, 2013


 photo freepeople179_zps8c207925.jpg
 photo freepeople183_zpse6b56267.jpg
 photo freepeople143_zpsf841dfa2.jpg
 photo freepeople098_zps2e8f81e3.jpg
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 photo freepeople221_zpsb1d6589e.jpg
 photo freepeople212_zps124c9716.jpg
 photo freepeople222_zps4f06eec6.jpg
Dress: Free People, Necklaces: Free People, Hat: Free People, Booties: Aldo 

Jacob and I went down to Russellville last weekend so I could attend my bff from high school's baby shower!! I can't believe her husband and her are having a baby, I'm so happy for them!! They will be wonderful parents! It was great to catch up with her. 

Afterwards we caught up with my parents, and then went and ate at one of our favorite restaurants Stoby's (best sandwiches and cheese dip ever!)  Then we went for a walk around downtown Russellville, where believe it or not we both spent a majority of our teenage years hanging out at the coffee shop there....and somehow we never even met each other! God had a better time for us to meet later on down the road, and that timing was perfect!!

Oh and that flower wall....we were such rebels.

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  1. I love this whole outfit!
    The dress and the booties go so well together! :) xx


  2. Nice. All this at a time when most young Americans are lucky to get marries or stay married let alone brag about baby showers. Like your outfit btw. I wished my niece who wears similarly got similar respect.

    1. To clarify, I love the outfit and I think it's wonderful you have a husband who honors your beauty. My niece doesn't have that same luck. I'm OK with such outfits but my wife and my niece's parents aren't as kind. Even her boyfriend humiliated her. I'm sorry to mention all this.

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