Friday, August 30, 2013

Kiss the Sky.

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Top: Wildfox Couture, Dress: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Thrifted, Socks: American Eagle

Jacob and I hiked up this mountain before sunset, I changed clothes in the middle of the field, and then we shot pictures, kissed, and soaked up the view just as the sun was setting. (Such a beautiful view and such amazing lighting.) This Wildfox shirt is so gorgeous, I love the star filled sky print that covers the whole top, it's magical.

I was more inspired by this line by Wildfox more than any other fashion brand's line. I want to buy every single piece and explore the world while wearing them with vintage skirts, shorts, bikinis, and pants. It makes me want to adventure out into the wild and explore everything while kissing under the stars every night and go skinny dipping with my favorite boy (Jacob...duh!). In a strange way it really helped me discover what I want out of life right now. I want to love, explore, adventure, and see everything. And luckily for me, the love of my life wants to do the same. If you want to see what I'm raving on and on about go here.  

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