Monday, February 11, 2013

J Crew Fall Collections.

Fall 2010:
 photo fall20105_zps52f78221.jpg
 photo fall20104_zps4383b4e0.jpg
 photo fall20103_zps4e9f59b0.jpg
 photo fall20102_zpsb3fc0e19.jpg

 Fall 2011:
 photo fall20113_zps237899f2.jpg
 photo fall20111_zps11675c3c.jpg
 photo fall20112_zpsc45c997e.jpg

Fall 2012:
 photo fall20124_zpsf993691f.jpg
 photo fall20121_zps595d6df5.jpg
 photo fall20123_zps5451c351.jpg
 photo fall20122_zps8d2bbb4a.jpg
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In honor of the J Crew Fall 2013 presentation tomorrow (eeek! so excited!) I thought I would look back on the last 3 years and pick my favorite outfits from the previous J Crew shows. Here are my Fall favorites, and tomorrow I will share my Spring favorites! 

I think my favorite collection out of the 3 is the 2010 collection. Everything is thrown together so perfectly in away that you look amazing and you didn't even try! I love the sparkles, the tweed, the brooches, knee-high socks, the tights, everything! PERFECTION!! Which is your favorite?


  1. oh definitely the 2010 collection. i wanna have it whole in my wardrobe:)

  2. i agree!! the 2010 collection was to die for!! perfection!i love how it almost has an earthy feel to it despite the beautiful chaos of it all.