Monday, November 28, 2011

I think it's fun to dress up, it's an exercise of creativity.

Now these ladies are inspiring. I wish people loved fashion like these women do. And I wish people didn't think that just because someone is wearing the latest designer fashions that they are the most sylish person in the world. Having the latest Marc Jacobs jacket, a Chanel purse, or a Dior dress...... those things does not make you stylish. (Even though it would be nice to have those things, don't wear them the same as everyone else, mix it up!) Have fun with fashion, wear the unexpected, and most of all be yourself...don't strive to look like others.

This is the inspiration I've been needing the last couple of months....

“Too many people are so afraid. and they just wanna do what everyone else does and look like everyone else.”


  1. That is so true. Also this, which I got of the November issue of the Marie Claire magazine: The number of clothes stuffed in your wardrobe is not proportional to how stylish you look. When you can see exactly what you own, you'll have more clarity of though, and look better in the long run. Who's going to argue with that?

    Also, I live in on a group of islands called the Maltese Islands, in the Mediterranean. Google Gozo.

    Anyhow, the people here, all dress the same. They go out on a Friday night, even, a Saturday night in jeans, and tacky heels. When they do dress up, they all look identical. And most of them try to preach, or act as if they are the fashionable sort.

    I don't want to be that way. I'm branching out because of blogging.

    So continue being an inspiration to me, and to others. Looking different, is what fashion is all about.
    Also, style, not just fashion :)


  2. Also, I referenced to where I live. Dressing different means it's a 'scandal', something shocking, and disturbing and therefore people must look and gossip.
    All because I wore a floppy hat.

  3. This ladies are soo adorable! I want to be like them when I'm old ( *laughs) seriously.

    The Owl Girl