Wednesday, January 19, 2011




When I saw these orange flourescent pants, my jaw dropped. Then I saw the fuischa heels and I died. Aren't they both so perfect? Seperately and together. I'm in love....head-over-heels in love. sighhh....

As you all probably know I am obsessed with high-waisted shorts, skirts, jeans, and pants, and I have been ever since I was a Senior in High School...... But I haven't had any luck finding high-waisted pants or jeans (except for the one pair of jeans and khakis and disco pants I own) So, I am hoping that this season stores will start carrying them so I can stock up! Especially bright colored pants with print on them.

The major obsession with colorful, printed, high-waisted pants started while I was thrifting the other day, I found the most perfect orange high-waisted pants and they had an amazing white print on them. I was so excited!!! Yet, they were HUGE....way to big to even fix... :( such a bummer. blah.....Soooo I've been day-dreaming about them non-stop ever since.....

And I'm really hoping to be able to get my hands on some soon!!!!


  1. High waist ANYTHING is dreamy. I agree those pants are out of this world amazing, so are the vivid shoes. I've seen a couple of sites offer high waist pants (such as so I'm pretty sure other stores will be catching on the 70's trend soon.
    much love.

  2. wow she looks fantastic!
    love the neon & fuischa!
    and love high wasted anything too :]

    hope to hear from you soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  3. I've seen these pants randomly when on Bloglovin' once. In a word, these pants (regardless of their color) are fabulous! My only knock was that I probably (if I were a female) go with a pair of platform peep-toe pumps (with a narrow opening at the toes) than these sandals. Still, you can't help but fall in love with this look.

    The pants are of a fiery orange color. They look wonderful on this lady. Wide legs add dramatic style along with some '70s-esque chic. In fact, these pants have a '70s feel to them as you look at these pictures.