Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I need all these bikinis! please! Especially the one above!

I'm obsessed with the yellow flower top with the polka-dot green bottoms! SO CUTE!


The designer Rose Ponizil
I came acroos photos of recycledrose swimwear in the most recent FOAM magazine, and I fell instantly in love. Every bikini I liked in the fashion spread was one of hers. She is so amazingly talented and she has a great eye. The name "Recycled Swimwear" comes from the nature of the suits. Most of the material comes from old clothing (found in Rose's closet, curtains or the flea market) and the adorning buttons, ribbons, flowers and fringe are found at garage sales and the fabric store.

Rose has just began what will surely be a long and fruitful career of making girls look cute and unique on the beach- and the beach is that much happier for it!
I hope I am able to get my hands on one of these bikinis soon! I'm in love!! And it has inspired me to want to try and make my own, as soon as I get my hands on a sewing machine. I'm so excited!
Check Rose's bikini's out at: www.facebook.com/recycledrose


  1. I love those bottoms! I want to reconstruct this bottom I have but I can't sew. I love all those prints and styles.

  2. I love these swimsuits! Very cute.

  3. omg!!! so adorable!! and they're totally you!! :D

  4. superrrrrrrrrrrrr love the swimsuits here! wonder if i'll be able to werrrrk it! im sure you will though :) xx

  5. i love the swimwear their so vintage. There are certain pieces that i would put together..


  6. We would like to have her do a private label suit and sell them on our site(s).