Monday, February 8, 2010

it's snowing outside and all i can think about is summer and going to the beach!

this outfit is to die for. gah.

gimme those shorts!

I love Olivia's classiness.

one of my favorite bloggers,

Batman is my favorite superhero.

I'm ready to learn how to surf!

Beautiful bathingsuit.

Me last summer at the beach :)

That bikini is amazing!

This will always be one of my most favortie MK outfits.

I like sharks only from afar, and I hope they stay that way...far far away from me!

I really really want warm weather. I HATE cold weather! ugh! It's snowing right now, and I'm stuck inside. Blah. Hopefully the weather will get a lot better soon, so I can get some new outfit pictures. But right now, I just can't brave the cold!


  1. That pictures are so great, i love the second outfit who is the girl?

    Oh dear, we should exchange the weather you give me the snow and i'll give you 84ºF.

    Can't wait to see your new outfits!!

    I'll love to have a comment from you in my blog ;)

  2. I wish it was summer. I give anything to be chillin' on a beach in a bikini. Snow= icky.

  3. aaahhh i hate the winter blues too!!! im stuck here at home since it's been snowing here!!! i cant wait for summer to arrive! :D

  4. I'll have to get on making a video for y'all! Perhaps tomorrow night I'll do it...

  5. Luv these pics!! Hun, we are in summer now and im getting tired of it, want winter : ) xx

  6. I totally understand your feelings...i want summer and warm temperature!!! Love your pics too!!! :)

  7. ugh He is about to get over a ft of snow...not funn..your blog is are gorgeous!! and love the style

    if you ever build a blog roll let He know, he will exchange with you

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  8. I left something for you at my blog! :)

  9. I love the beach!! but unfortunately We'll have to wait until warmer weather...


  10. Rofl the batman photo is my favorite.

  11. That outfit really is to die for :P I love it!

  12. Summer = LOVE. Like you, I'm not in love with winter season. How was your summer last year? In my case, we spent the whole summer going to beaches, visiting my grandma's house, and grilling barbecues with friends.